#100DaysOfNoCode Stand Upa no-code standup meeting every Monday.Monday
MicroConf On Aira livestream with conversations, Q&As, and hang-outs focused on non-venture track founders.Tuesday
Maker StreamsThe first livestream where #nocode makers serendipitously join, share, explore, and learn together on Wednesdays at 12PM/EST.Wednesday
#100DaysOfNoCode AMAa no-code Ask Me Anything (AMA) session every Wednesday.Wednesday
Hacker Hours Virtual ThursdaysFree coding help. Any programming language, all levels of experience. Thursday
NoCode CampA mastermind session for no-code makers to gather, learn from experts, and get their questions answered.Thursday
Founders FridayA place to breathe, share stories, and just be awesome to each other.Friday
Hacker Hours Virtual SundaysFree coding help. Any programming language, all levels of experience. Saturday
Weekend ClubThe #1 accountability community for Indie Hackers & solo entrepreneurs. Saturday
Founder Summit Remotethe momentum, energy, principles, and awesome humans of Founder Summit Mexico City brought to a remote community of founders. TBD
Indie WorldwideA online meetup group for hackers, makers, and founders.TBD
Userlist Happy Hours a live SaaS-related hangoutTBD
Comm Chat SummitA gathering of community builders helping each other navigate the world of community building by sharing resources, strategies, and best practices.06/03/20